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Romsey's Coolest Barber Shop - You'll find us on Plaza Parade - Got a face that's fuzzing or a mop that needs buzzing? Here you’ll get the best haircuts and wet shaves including the classic straight razor shave.

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Romsey's Coolest Barber Shop

On Trend Haircuts, Clipper Cuts, Wet Shaves, Beard Trims are all on the cards at Romsey’s best barbers, and if you're lucky you'll get straight in to a leather chair with a coffee thrown in. (No not in your lap! In a cup to drink!) If there’s a wait, you’ll find a pool table and a bandit to keep you entertained.

Gents Hair Cuts in Romsey

The scissor cut (with wet or washed) is for gents and kids wanting to maintain their style and leave feeling smart and refreshed. We'll discuss your needs for your haircut and style, clarify your chosen look and cut your hair to instruction. If you require a clipper grade on the back and sides no problem!

For gents and and of course kids who require a sharp haircut with a short clipper grade (zero to three or maybe slightly longer) this is the service for you. Our knowledgeable and experienced barbers will talk with you to confirm the grade and finish you like.You might choose a single grade style or a blended style like the fade.We're happy to show you the options.

The traditional wet shave is a very relaxing service where you’ll experience the art of the original wet shave by one of our knowledgeable barbers. You will experience a hot towel at the beginning of the shave (to open the skins pores) – and a refreshingly cold towel at the end of the services to close the skins pores and leave you feel extremely fresh. It’s much more than a shave; it’s an experience worth repeating.

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The Business Barbershop Skills

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The Business Barber Shop in Romsey

For a cool haircut in the coolest barbers in Romsey and maybe a game of pool while you wait!

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The Business Barber Shop Pricing

You’ll not find any over pricing here! We’re in the business of cutting gents hair so you look the business without breaking the bank! We take pride in providing you with a fantastic haircut at great value. We know we’ll see you again!

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